Scenario Depiction Webinar

If you missed the LIVE demonstration of Depiction’s scenario building capabilities. US Navy Captain Kim Buike (retired) presented security, flooding and wildfire scenarios using Depiction. Click here to watch a recording of the webinar.

Captain Buike served 27 years in the U.S. Navy before retiring in 2003. He commanded a destroyer in the Persian Gulf as well as the Navy's most modern shore facility. His career included time in the Pentagon, as a professor at the University of Washington and as a Red Cross volunteer. He has significant experience in contingency planning, exercise development and execution, and crisis response.


Captain Buike presented the following scenarios:

  • A depiction of a 15-foot storm surge devastating Washington, D.C. after traveling up the Potomac River, based on the 1933 Chesapeake-Potomac Hurricane;
  • An interactive depiction of a hypothetical security scenario at the 2010 Winter Olympic Games; webinar attendees contributed live to the unfolding scenario;
  • A demonstration of maintaining situational awareness during wildfire events and how Depiction can dynamically change evacuation routes

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