"Depiction University was an outstanding educational experience for an amazing software package! I have learned more about Depiction – not just how to work the software, but how to make the software work for me - in eight weeks than I could have learned in eight months on my own. If you want to learn how to harness the impressive power of Depiction for your organization, invest eight weeks in yourself and your organization and enroll in Depiction University."

Chris Storey, KA6WNK, Disaster Volunteer

Depiction University is an 8 module web-based self-paced course. This course is no longer facilitated by an instructor. The course is in the process of being updated to remove reference to instructor assistance. If you encounter such an instruction please ignore.

Using curriculum based on that used in courses taught in the master’s program in emergency services administration at California State University, Long Beach, and in the emergency management certificate program at Edmonds Community College, Depiction University will take you through the basics of Depiction and into advanced topics.

This course is ideal for anyone who wants to become a Depiction expert regardless of purpose, and will not be specifically focused on emergency management. Click here to view the course syllabus. To get a feel for what the course modules are like click here for an introduction.


Certified Depiction User Exam

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