Situational awareness event

A special event in June 2009 combined a webinar with a live exercise featuring retired Navy Captain Kim Buike showing how to deploy Depiction in a relatively easy and inexpensive approach to sharing Situational Awareness

This live event demonstrated how Situational Awareness during a crisis or emergency can be easily and inexpensively shared using Depiction "what-if" mapping software. It also showed how Depiction's email based communications features can be used to establish a Common Operating Picture among the multiple agencies, government entities and private individuals responding to the event; thus enhancing coordination, cooperation and the overall effectiveness of the response.

The webinar was presented by Kim Buike. Captain Buike served 27 years in the U.S. Navy before retiring in 2003.  He commanded a destroyer in the Persian Gulf and also commanded the Navy's most modern shore facility: Naval Station Everett.  His career included tours of duty in the Pentagon as a Crisis Action Team Watch Officer on The Joint Staff and as a Professor at the University of Washington teaching leadership and ethics.  He has significant experience in contingency planning, exercise development and execution, and crisis response. Captain Buike is also a Red Cross volunteer and serves in the local County Emergency Operations Center as a Red Cross Liaison during community disasters.  He has been instrumental in the development of the Depiction interactive software system and its application to Situational Awareness.
If you missed the Situational Awareness event described above, you can click here to view a recording.

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