Finding and importing GIS data

Listed below are links to rich geographic datasets available from Washington State Government. Most of these files are in zipped (compressed) .shp file sets. Download the .zip file to your desktop and extract the file to a folder on your desktop. To add elements to your depiction, choose "import from File" in the Add Content control and browse to the first file in the data folder that has the .shp extension.  When loading a file with state-wide data, Depiction has to go through the entire file to look for data that applies to the region you selected for your depiction. This may take some time so be patient.

County and City governments often have GIS data files available for downloading as well, and will generally work better in Depiction because a higher percentage of the data will pertain to the Depiction region chosen.

Washington State

Many more sources are available via our data on the web page.


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