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Depiction was founded in March 2006 by Mike Geertsen, Bharath Modayur and Don Valencia.

Depiction’s main focus has been to develop a mapping platform product that is powerful, easy to use and affordable. The product was launched in December of 2008 and has been adopted by customers in all 50 states and many other countries. While Depiction is a platform product that can be used in a variety of vertical markets we have had considerable success in the emergency management and business continuity areas. Our customers range from individual ham radio operators, local government emergency managers, and police departments to Los Alamos Labs and the TSA. While our focus until recently has been mainly selling the off the shelf program, we are now in discussions with several government third party integrators on incorporating Depiction or portions of the Depiction IP into their products.

Mike Geertsen – Founder/ Board Chair – Currently a DARPA program manager

Mike graduated from Claremont McKenna College. After graduating, Mike held a variety of marketing and communication positions in the Seattle area, where he had the opportunity to again explore the use of simulation technology. Mike was hired by Microsoft in 1993 to establish a customer reference/case study program for the company’s then-fledgling corporate sales efforts. During his 12-year tenure at Microsoft he held a number of positions from marketing manager for Microsoft Consulting Services to product planning in its entertainment division.

In his most recent position, as Business Development Manager for Microsoft’s Simulation Product Group, he was responsible for identifying new markets and designing simulation products for those markets. Based on the model of the highly successful Microsoft Flight Simulator franchise, Mike envisioned, won executive support for, and saw to market the Microsoft Train Simulator product, which sold over 1 million copies world-wide.

Expanding on his earlier experience with Microsoft’s corporate sales efforts, Mike led an initiative over several years to use the company’s cutting-edge simulation and other game technology for more serious purposes. Responding to tremendous demand from Microsoft’s largest corporate customers, he proposed an enterprise simulation product business which was reviewed at the highest levels of the company. Microsoft chose not to invest in that new market and Mike left the company in the spring of 2005 to pursue other opportunities. Mike’s passion for using simulation technology to help solve everyday problems has only grown - he is excited by the potential of Depiction, Inc. to bring the power of that technology to millions of consumers.

Bharath Modayur – Board Director/Founding Principal/Chief Technology

Bharath Modayur graduated from the University of Washington with a Ph.D. in Computer Engineering. During a post-doctoral fellowship he pursued the application of technology to a wide variety of problems in the health sciences.

Armed with experience in computer graphics, visualization of complex data, and building large systems from disparate software components, Bharath moved on as a principal at NMPE -- a Seattle-area startup developing treatment planning software for cancer radiation therapy. Using the software, the physician is able to simulate, visualize, and then optimize radiation treatments tailored to each patient.

At NMPE, Bharath was instrumental in building the flagship treatment planning suite of products as well as patient-positioning software tools that aid in accurate delivery of the planned radiation. The latter product line, named ACCULOC, has become the fastest selling product in the $80 million dollar company that acquired NMPE in 2005. Bharath then developed a small business innovative research (SBIR) proposal that won a $1,000,000 grant from the National Institutes of Health.

Bharath's passion for creating both software and companies from their earliest stages propelled him to leave NMPE and join Depiction Inc., where he is thrilled by the challenge of creating software that will benefit both large organizations and the everyday user.

Don Valencia – Founding Principal

Donald Valencia, was born in California and educated as a cell biologist, Valencia co-founded Immuno Concepts N.A. Ltd., of Sacramento, in 1979. He served as president for his 13-year tenure. While at Immuno Concepts, he developed an innovative method for freeze-drying cells for examination under the microscope. He also won several microscopy patents.

He applied that freeze-drying techniques to coffee, developing a way to produce a flavorful coffee extract from whole beans. On a trip to Seattle, he shared the extract with some baristas at a young company there called Starbucks. Word of its quality got up to the company's founder and chairman.

In 1993, the company hired him as its first research-and-development head. He faced skepticism because his background was in immunology, not R & D, but Schultz favored him because the scientist thought non-traditionally. The company set up a lab costing more than $4 million to help produce the extract and test other new techniques. Valencia and his team used the extract to produce bottled Frappucinos that need no refrigeration, allowing their widespread retail distribution. And many years later to the release of the VIA instant coffee line.

In 1999 Don retired from Starbucks and turned his attention to non-profits. From 2000 through 2007, he served as co-chairman of the board at Agros International, an organization that tries to help the rural poor in Central America and Mexico attain economic independence. He also worked with a number of Christian groups, including men's ministry Teleios and youth ministry Young Life.

Don met Mike Geertsen as they were both members of the Agros board. Mike told Don of his idea for easy to use mapping and simulation software and Don joined Mike and Bharath as the third founding member of Depiction Inc. Unfortunately Don contracted cancer and passed away in December of 2007 after a 15 month bout with the disease.

Kim Buike (Captain, US Navy, Retired) – Board Member

Kim has spent his entire career in public service, including 27 years as a decorated Naval officer. Kim’s navy leadership career culminated in his serving as the Commander of Naval Station Everett – the most modern U.S. Navy base in the world and current home to the nuclear aircraft carrier USS Nimitz.

Since retiring from the Navy in 2003, Kim has provided crucial civilian leadership as Director of the Port of Everett’s Marina, the largest marina on the west coast, including dealing with homeland security issues for a fast-growing port and implementing many modernization initiatives. Kim has also been a board member of the local chapter of the Red Cross and active Red Cross volunteer. Kim was the customer engagement director at Depiction until December of 2010 when he left to take a position with the Boeing 777 program. He continues to serve on the Depiction board and teaches a Master’s level online course for California State University Long Beach on the use of Depiction software.

Kent Diamond – Board Member and Legal Counsel

After graduating from the University of California with degrees in Computer Science and Economics, Kent started work for a then small company called Microsoft. He worked as a programmer on projects ranging from MS-DOS to Windows NT. He progressed into management helping to launch a number of new operating systems to the market. One of the more challenging projects was working in Tokyo for a year developing a Japanese version of a major operating system release. At the time he was the only foreigner working at the Japanese subsidiary.

Kent left Microsoft to do aid and charity work in Africa. He and his wife spent two years driving in a Land Rover from London to Cape Town crossing fifteen countries, two deserts, and three war zones. Along the way they worked with several aid agencies highlighted by working for the United Nations in Southern Sudan during the long civil war.

Returning home with a new view on life, Kent became a stay at home dad involved in a number of community activities like volunteering at a local school.

In 2004 Kent returned to school earning a law degree from the University of Washington. His studies focused on intellectual property rights.

After passing the bar, Kent joined Depiction as legal counsel.

Richard N Smith – Current President and Board Member

Richard joined Depiction in 2008 as CFO. Richard has served as President since Mike Geertsen’s departure from day to day involvement in February 2011.

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