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We have a new blog site:

This will be our final entry here. The link at the top of most pages on our site will take you to the new blog site above. Our hope is to serve our community better with more blog features, including a blog roll (blogs we follow), tweets from Depiction's Twitter account and Facebook followers.

A frosty FrostFest

I'm back from a remarkably frosty FrostFest. The weather in Richmond itself was not as bad as it could have been, but the record-breaking blizzard just to the north of us dampened turnout somewhat.

Even so, the folks that braved the snow were enthusiastic, and it was great meeting current, new and future Depiction users.

If you attended FrostFest, you should know that we're extending the coupon code that we handed out there, and it will be good through Friday. If you know people who couldn't make it on Saturday, feel free to pass on it on to them.

Additionally, we have two webinars scheduled for FrostFest attendees, would-be attendees and anyone else interested in Depiction. They're coming up on Wednesday the 10th and Thursday the 11th. Hope to see you there--and this time, the weather shouldn't keep you away!

(If you were at the show, and would like to get your hands on the Richmond data I was using, it's available from the city through an FTP server.)

Adventures in depicting

N4CDB, a Depiction user, is embarking on an ambitious project: running Depiction under Linux, without using a virtual machine. It's not going to be an easy task, and he outlines some of the challenges, but we certainly hope he's successful!

Depiction at FrostFest

This Saturday, February 6, Depiction staff (including yours truly) will be at FrostFest 2010 in Richmond, Virginia. We're looking forward to meeting some Depiction users, and hopefully creating many more! If you're going to be there, drop by and say 'hi'--we're on a corner table across from

Following up on our time at FrostFest, on Wednesday the 10th and Thursday the 11th, we're going to be holding two webinars exclusively for FrostFest attendees--well, not quite exclusively, because anyone can sign up for them online right now, but we'll be signing people up for them both while we are there.

Additionally, in my preparation for the event, I've discovered that Richmond has a really fantastic selection of GIS data online. It's available through an FTP server, which is not the most user-friendly setup, but what they lack for in ease-of-use they make up for in the sheer volume of data. Kudos to the city GIS department!

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